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The Sounds of English

Track A
The phonetic symbols representing the
vowel  sounds used in this book

ɪ      pit, kid, listen, it
e     bed, red, lead, fed
æ    Matt, cat, fat, land
a     fought, not, long
ʌ     n
ut, fun, up, shut

ə     about, system, the
uː    food, Susana, shoe
ieː   eat, please, see


Track B
The phonetic symbols representing the dipthtong sounds used in this book

ey     eight, may, train
     flow, no, open
aɪ    right, why, I
     loud, cow, mouth

b        boy, liberal, object
p        pine, cap, apple
t         table, turn, cat
d        day, add, Daniel
h        hello, her, help
k        car, act, attack
g        get, agriculture, bag
f         graph, fire, after
v        very, every, expensive
think, three, with, depth

ð        the, mother, feather
s         seven, special, system
z         zoo, places, as

ʃ        shy, mission, ashes
ʒ        pleasure, vision, occasion
chair, catch, etching
just, badge, jump
      might, claim, Sam
n        never, planning, pen
ŋ        sing, hang, wrong
       love, almond, ability
      right, arrow, arm
y       yes, year, yesterday
w       we, water, power

Track C
The phonetic symbols representing the consonant sounds used in this book. 
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