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Sounds of English

The phonetic symbols representing the vowel  sounds used in this book. 

ɪ      pit, kid, listen, it
e     bed, red, lead, fed
æ    Matt, cat, fat, land
a     fought, not, long
ʌ     n
ut, fun, up, shut
about, system, the
uː    food, Susana, shoe
ieː   eat, please, see


The phonetic symbols representing the dipthtong sounds used in this book. 

ey     eight, may, train
     flow, no, open
aɪ    right, why, I
     loud, cow, mouth

The phonetic symbols representing the consonant sounds used in this book. 

b        boy, liberal, object
p        pine, cap, apple
t         table, turn, cat
d        day, add, Daniel
h        hello, her, help
k        car, act, attack
g       get, agriculture, bag
f         graph, fire, after
v        very, every, expensive
θ       think, three, with, depth

ð       the, mother, feather
s        seven, special, system
z        zoo, places, as
ʃ        shy, mission, ashes
ʒ       pleasure, vision, occasion
t͡ʃ       chair, catch, etching
d͡ʒ     just, badge, jump

m      might, claim, Sam
n       never, planning, pen
ŋ       sing, hang, wrong

l        love, almond, ability
r        right, arrow, arm
y       yes, year, yesterday
w      we, water, power

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