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Books by Shawn Moksvold

This easy-to-read pronunciation guide helps language learners speak English more clearly and confidently, using everyday language examples and special exercises for both self-study and collaborative work. It shows how speakers of English as a foreign language can avoid being misunderstood in various contexts. The book examines how the Spanish language influences English pronunciation, concentrating on 11 fundamental pronunciation issues that have been observed in Spanish speakers of all ages around the world. The online audios (downloadable and accessible both by QR code and website link) feature native speakers communicating in real-life words and sounds. Learners can practice their listening skills and compare their own speaking to standard English accents and pronunciation.

Phrasal Verbs, A New Reference for English Learners and Teachers includes over 450 of the most commonly used phrasal verbs in English and groups them in "particle families," rather than by context, main verb or in the random selections that are often found in English language textbooks. Useful for both English language learners and teachers, this book serves as a learning tool and a reference, with detailed definitions and alphabetized entries that are easily looked up.

Coming soon...

A collection of the most common names for the creatures we share our lives with.  While coati, serval, ocelot or sarcastic fingehead may be interesting and exotic names, what about words like cat or horse or ladybug or goose? Where did they come from? In this book, we'll explore the fascinating etymological histories that underlie the names for animals in English. 

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