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Improve your writing skills

Writing well is much more than spelling and counting words. To write beautiful English, we must pay attention to how the mother tongue influences the words we write. Every student comes from a different culture and way of thinking, each with a unique method of expression. So to write clearly in English we must pay attention to those differences, especially in:

  • how an argument or essay is organized

  • the natural order of words in a sentence

  • the use of idioms and sayings

  • how humor is used

  • what a professor or work manager expects in a paper

By exploring how English is different to your first language, you learn how to build your writing skills and how to express yourself more effectively to English-speaking readers. 

Writing course

  • writing level test included

  • 8 classes

  • classes of 1 hour each

  • corrections and clear comments


25 - 1 class

175 - 8 classes

215 - 12 classes 

Document review

  • corrections and edits of official exam writings

  • document editing and proofreading

  • polish your already written or translated English document

  • document copyediting and proofreading


Copyediting - €0.015 per word

Proofreading - €0.01 per word

Translation/document polishing - (flexible)

Interested in becoming a better writer?  Send me a message and we'll get started. 

Thanks for submitting!

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