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Friendly Conversation

Practice your conversation skills

The best way to improve your English speaking skills is to practice, practice practice.  We customize our classes so we talk about what interests you, whether you want to make a better presentation, learn the English used in your job sector, prepare for the speaking part of an exam, talk to people while traveling, or just chat about your favourite movie.

We find what your needs are and create a fun class with support reading and video materials, specific pronunciation practice, and lots of error correction and new vocabulary that is used in the real world. 

  • business English

  • general fluency

  • practice with tenses​

  • pronunciation

  • public presentation

  • interview skills

  • English for travel

During each class, we keep detailed notes of the new words you learn, the mistakes you might make, suggestions and practical pronunciation advice that will increase your confidence in spoken English. To reinforce what you learned, you can review and study these notes later on your own time.

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Interested in building your speaking skills? Send a message and we'll get started.

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