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Learn clear English Pronunciation

Many people think that to speak beautiful English, you must eliminate your accent.


Not true! 

Your accent says something important about you: you speak another language! 

But it is important learn how to speak clearly in order to be understood in the international context (in a video conference, a business convention, with a friend at the bar, anywhere you might speak English).  Some sounds in English are difficult to say, which can sometimes cause misundertanding.


In this course, we learn how your mother tongue (your first language) influences how you speak English.  And we focus on those challenging sounds of English, looking closely at the parts of the mouth we use when we speak (tongue, lips, teeth, vocal cords, palate...etc).  We also examine how native speakers say English words and sentences in real life, whether it's in a film, at a business conference or during a speech. 

The course can be coupled with a textbook (paperback or ebook), which includes many exercises for self-study, focused speaking practice and real-world audios to compare your own speaking with native speakers. 

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Full pronunciation course (25 classes + textbook)

  • each class 1 hour

  • complete pronunciation evaluation session

  • the sounds of English

  • voiced and unvoiced consonants

  • difficult vowels and dipthongs

  • consonants clusters

  • intonation

  • word and sentence stress

  • certificate of completion



€495 + €12 (appox.) textbook (ebook or paperback)

Custom pronunciation classes (flexible)


  • focus on any particular area of English pronunciation 

    • English spelling

    • vowels​ and dipthongs 

    • consonant clusters

    • stress and intonation

    • connected speech

  • each class 1 hour



€25 - 1 class

€175 - 8 classes

€215 - 12 classes

Interested in perfecting your English pronunciation? Send me a message and we'll get started.

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