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What you see now:

(it) seems to be…     it looks like…   I think (there is/are)...      There/It may have been/be…  It is hard to say, but…


What you’re sure about (but maybe not 100%):

(it) must be…  (it) can’t be…  I’m (quite) certain that…  There/It must have been/be…


  • found

  • edition

  • bark 

  • cacophony

  • ruins

  • drenched/drenching

  • convention 

  • commemorate

  • panic

  • lawn


  • solve  a/the problem
  • take a picture
  • a kind of 
  • scurry away

About every five years, owners and their dogs travel to Guisachan in the Highlands to celebrate the anniversary of the breed’s founding. This year’s edition was the biggest yet.


What is the sound of 488 golden retrievers barking?

Imagine the sense of helplessness you might feel when someone’s baby is crying and you can’t solve the problem. Then multiply that by 488. Then add in drenching rain and an onslaught of midges.


Why the cacophony? Around 4 p.m. on July 13, the dogs had been assembled on the broad lawn in front of the ruins of Guisachan House in the Scottish Highlands to take a group photo of the 2023 Guisachan Gathering, a kind of golden retriever convention, commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the breed.

For the photo, the owners were instructed to leash their dog to a stake in the ground and then scurry away for approximately 15 seconds so that the photographer, Lynn Kipps, could capture the wagging horde.

Fifteen seconds in golden retriever time is approximately eternity, and 488 golden retrievers evidently believed they had been abandoned forever. And panicked.



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