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Effective online English classes focused on pronunciation,
reading and writing skills
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Our mother tongue — the language we learned during childhood—influences the way we learn a new language in surprising ways.  This is especially true in English learning.  Students who have a strong linguistic awareness of both English and their first language possess valuable skills and knowledge, and they become great speakers and writers. 

Build confidence when you speak and write in English by focusing on the sounds and patterns of English and how they relate to your own  first language.

  • increase your fluency and fluidity in spoken English 

  • become a better writer at work or for pleasure

  • perfect your pronunciation skills for the business world and beyond

  • get ready for an English language interview 

  • prepare for an official English language examination 

  • better understand English spelling


English Word Histories: Animals & Insects is a reference of over 300 creature names and general vocabulary used by modern English speakers everyday. It is organized alphabetically in chapters of land animals, wildlife of the water, flying organisms, insects and arachnids, as well as general English vocabulary related to the critters, beasts and bugs of our world.

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Increase your speaking confidence by learning the sounds of English and how they relate to your mother tongue.

Prepare for your upcoming official English language examination with step-by-step guidance and practice tests. 


An English pronunciation guide specially written for Spanish speakers, perfect for self-study or pair work.   Click here to buy it on Amazon. 

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Improve your English writing skills (business, creative, academic) with clear and focused explanations and comments.

Classmates in the Library

Is your English getting rusty? Polish your speaking skills, whether they be in the workplace, for an exam, at the bar or with family and friends. 


An alphabetized collection of the most-used phrasal verbs in English, grouped in an intuitive way.  Complete with etymological history and hundreds of real-life examples.

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